What is CommBerry64?

Commberry64 is a tribute to the Commodore 64 home computer from the 1980s.

Technically Commberry64 is a Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi single board computer which boots directly into a C64 emulation mode. Your Raspberry Pi will act like your Commodore 64 in former times.

Thus you can play, program or make any serious office work 🙂

Commberrry64 is intentionally based on the official Raspian distribution from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

The term Commberry64 is composed from the words “Commodore 64” and “Raspberry Pi”.

What Else?

Once you have plugged in your Raspberry Pi, Commberry64 boots super fast into the C64 emulation.

Your disk or tape images on an USB stick are automatically synchronized into corresponding folders used by the emulator once the USB stick is inserted.

The emulation runs with a dedicated operating system user. This makes the whole environment less prone to mistakes or software Bugs.



There’s a clean segregation of the software originally delivered with Raspian and the the additional software needed around the C64 emulation.

Under the hood works x64, one of the most famous, featured and accurate emulators for Linux and a lot of other operating systems. x64 is part of the VICE project.

Commberry64 comes with the the up to date VICE 3.2 based on SDL 2.0.8.


Bug Report

Two issues detected The rom copy utility deletes the games directory on the Pi if there are not roms on the USB drive. Keypresses are passed to the command line. These errors will be tracked in the github repository.

Why Commberry64?

Commberry64 helps you to setup an Raspberry Pi computer to work inside an original C64 case, re-using your original keyboard and joysticks. With the Raspberry Pi, keyrah and the Commberry64 distribution you can get very authentic results. Inspiring articles on how to upcycle your old C64 equipment can be found at: https://medium.com/@dionoid/building-a-c64-pi-8cb6276031a3 https://www.golem.de/news/c64-umbau-mit-dem-raspberry-pi-die-wiedergeburt-der-heimcomputer-legende-1708-129185-6.html

GitHub Repository is set up

I uploaded the scripts for managing different tasks in Commberry to GitHub. More will surely come. Even if you detect any issues with Commberry64 you can use GitHub to report them. Take a look under https://github.com/prake71/commberry64.  


If you have any question regarding this project, do not hesitate to drop me a mail. Currently, I do not check my e-mails for this domain that often. Therefore, please apologize if it takes some time until you get a response.